Seattle Dominates in Super Bowl XLVIII Win

Where do we begin with this game.

So much for the #1 Offense in NFL History, I would suppose.

It all started on the very first offensive play of the game. Sure the safety might have been a fluke, but it set the tone for the game. Peyton Manning seemed out of sorts the entire game. This truly was a team win though, and you have to give the Seattle Seahawks all of the credit in a 43-8 blowout.

The Seahawks dominated in all facets. A safety, a couple of stops, and 2 field goals later and the Seahawks were up 8-0. The safety was the quickest score to start a Super Bowl in NFL history at 12 seconds. Peyton Manning was still in position to only be down 1 pt with a TD drive after his defense got him some stops. On the next drive pressure caused a Julius Thomas-intended pass to be intercepted by Seahawks Kam Chancellor. Peyton was pressured on the play, as he was the entire game.

Kam Chancellor played an outstanding game and was a key contributor to the hard hitting defense. On the Broncos first drive after the safety, Chancellor leveled Denver receiver Demaryius Thomas which set the tone for the entire game. The Seattle defense played nearly a perfect game. They were hitting like it was the ’70s and it seemed as if every player was on their A-game, swarming to the ball. The yards-after-catch stat for the Broncos had to be minimal. I was truly impressed with the effort and intensity that the Seahawks brought on defense. It was as if they wanted it more.

Something that may go forgotten is that Demaryius Thomas set a Super Bowl record with 13 receptions. He seemed to be the only person Peyton Manning could find and a handful of these were intended-screens that only gained a few yards.

After the Kam Chancellor’s interception, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense marched down the field. Marshawn Lynch would eventually score a touchdown from 1 yard out that would put Seattle up 15-0.

Denver’s very next drive they had a chance to get some points on the board. They put a solid drive together before Peyton Manning threw a 69-yard Pick-6 to eventual Super Bowl-MVP Malcolm Smith. Peyton was again being pressured by Cliff Avril as he had been all game. Malcolm had a solid game as he forced 2 turnovers (Int for TD and forced fumble), recovered a fumble, and recorded 9 tackles. This put the Seahawks up 22-0 by halftime and hope started looking bleak for the Broncos.

The start of the second half had Percy Harvin run back an 88-yard kick off return for a touchdown. After the game Percy said that the play, “counter right” had not been run the entire season as Pete Carroll was saving it for the right moment. Oh, how Pete was right. Percy’s speed truly showed in this game as he was gone the majority of the season. He also had 2 impressive runs early in the game. Harvin was able to gain more yards (45) on two carries than Marshawn Lynch did (39) with 15 carries. Special teams played a huge role in this game. At this point, Seattle was up 29-0 and it was hard to believe the Broncos would pull out the victory at this point. 

On Denver first drive of the second half they had the ball down 29-0 as we said. Peyton Manning began to drive again with the help of Demaryius Thomas. Manning had a pass to Thomas where he ran to about the Seahawk’s 20 yard line. On the run after catch Byron Maxwell had a heads up play where he, Charles Tillman-like, punched the ball out of Thomas’ hand. Malcolm Smith recovered the fumble.

The second half the Seahawks offense came alive to show what they could do. Seattle’s two receivers in Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse had terrific games. Both players came into the game with extreme chips on their shoulder after Cris Carter publicly called the play of the receivers ‘pedestrian.’ After the Demaryius Thomas fumble, Russell Wilson drove down the field again. Undrafted receiver Jermaine Kearse had an great play where he broke 5 tackles on 2 spin moves and scored a touchdown. His score put Seattle up 36-0, and at that point you knew it was over.

Only after Seattle was up 36-zip did the ‘high powered’ Denver offense score a touchdown. Peyton drove down the field and threw a touchdown to Demaryius Thomas, as you might guess. They converted on a 2-pt conversion, moving the score to 36-8.

Seattle continued to dominate in all facets on their next drive. They drove down the field in the passing game again. Jermaine Kearse had a big play that set up the touchdown score. Doug Baldwin actually set up Jermaine Kearse score initially. Baldwin was able to do a couple swift juke moves from a few yard out for Seattle’s final score. At this point Seattle was up 43-8, the final score of the game.

Seattle did not let up the entire game. Even in the 4th quarter when the game was completely over, the Seahawks defense kept playing. They were playing as if the game was still on the line. They even forced another fumble. Eventually the Seahawks would put in back up running back and quarterback to replace Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson. Seattle’s energy throughout the game was very impressive. Denver’s intensity was no where near the level of Seattle’s. 

The Seattle Seahawks had an impressive win in Super Bowl XLVIII. They shut down perhaps the ‘best offense in NFL history’ and beat them very convincingly. If Seahawks can maintain their roster, they could be up for a dynasty.


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