Poll: SDSU’s 2014 Postseason Capabilities

San Diego State has not taken a year off after losing Jamaal Franklin to the NBA and 4-year starter Chase Tapley. Many thought SDSU was going to take a year off after losing Kawhi Leonard back in 2011, but Steve Fisher just seems to keep plugging along.

Some would argue that SDSU was better in the 2011-12 season than the 2012-13 season (both Jamaal and Chase’s stats were better in 2011-12 season), but they were able to achieve more in March Madness. The Aztecs were a #15 FGCU victory away from a Sweet 16 berth last season before the Cinderella story continued. SDSU was tied at half time but fell apart defensively in the second half.

What does 2014 bring? San Diego State is arguably much better than last year and maybe just up to par with the 2010-11 Sweet 16 team. San Diego State has a ton of players with an excellent bench this year. They are extremely athletic and play excellent defense. Really, the only thing that will limit them is their offensive game. Lacking at times, SDSU has it’s scorers. J.J. O’Brien was a big part of the offense until he injured his hand early in the season. He is playing, but still recovering. By the time March Madness rolls around, J.J. should be close to 100%.

So how good can SDSU be in 2014? How far can they go? This question will be even more interesting next year with the additions of some outstanding recruits.


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