Thought of the Week – Richard Sherman

This is the late edition of Thought of the Week. We will have another on Tuesday.

There has been much talk on the airwaves amongst the media regarding Richard Sherman’s post game interview with Erin Andrews. Some have lashed out at Sherman’s attitude, while others have appreciated his passion for the game. This whole incident has even gone on to get racial attention as people have reportedly labeled Sherman as a “thug.”

Sherman himself said in a news conference he felt “thug” has become an extension of the n-word. 

My opinion is, why does it even have to get to that point. The best way to change everyone’s opinion about Richard Sherman’s attitude is to understand his mind state. Now, I have never played organized football, but am pretty dang competitive and have a passion to win. I can only imagine what Richard Sherman was feeling while playing in the NFC Championship game to go to the Superbowl.

On the field Richard Sherman talks. He talks a lot. It is a way to get him rev’d up to play the game. There is a mental approach that every player has, and this is the route Sherman takes. When Sherman made the play in the end zone his adrenaline must have been through the roof. Biggest play of the entire game to seal the victory and Superbowl berth. His blood was flowing so quickly and he was so hyped up after making the play.

From the time the game was over until Erin Andrews interviewed Richard Sherman only a couple minutes had gone by. Sherman was still in an in-game mode. It was almost as if we were on the field with him and he was talking trash straight to Michael Crabtree.

This does not necessarily excuse his actions. This is still the workplace and everyone is going to judge you whether you are a famous athlete or a fast food worker. You cannot blow up in the workplace. It is apart growing up and maturing. Think about yourself in the work place. How many times have you wanted to blow up because of how angry you were. But you didn’t. You held back because you knew it was the responsible thing to do. And some of you may know how it feels to follow through and blow up in someones face in the workplace. Probably didn’t work out so well.

With the ‘thug’ thing, I think it is warranted. Some people are embracing the labeling of Sherman as a thug. The fact is he was talking trash on national television with fighting words attacking a player. Showing no class and no respect. In my opinion, that can be labelled as ‘thug’ actions. Do I think Richard Sherman is a thug? No. I think he is a very passionate professional football player who is still young and maturing as an athlete, worker, and man.


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