Frank Reich Promoted to Chargers Offensive Coordinator


WIthin 48 hours after the San Diego Chargers season ended, the front office is already making moves.

WIth Ken Whisenhunt signing on with the Tennessee Titans to be their next head coach, the Chargers had an open vacancy at Offensive Coordinator.

Frank Reich has done an excellent job in his first year here in San Diego. He came over from Arizona with Ken Whisenhunt where he was the Wide Receivers coach. Frank played a big role this season in resurrecting Philip Rivers’ career back to elite status. As the Quarterback’s Coach, some may argue that Frank actually had more to do with Rivers’ excellent season than Ken Whisenhunt.

The only concern about Reich is that he has never actually been an Offensive Coordinator. Even though he played in the league for 14 years, and has been an Assistant Coach and a position coach, he never made it to a Coordinator position.

The only minor concern that may arrive is that Frank Reich has never called plays as an Offensive Coordinator.

Mike McCoy can take this team whatever direction he wants. He may have Frank Reich put together the offensive game plans but not actually call the plays. In this scenario, it would mean that Mike McCoy would go back to calling plays like he did as a Coordinator.

Chargers fans saw with Norv Turner how ‘having too much on one plate can spoil dinner,’ so to speak. Norv Turner called the plays while in San Diego as the Head Coach. The problem was he made a handful of mental and boneheaded mistakes a Head Coach should never make (i.e. clock management, etc). It may be better if Mike McCoy works with Frank all offseason and gets him up to par on calling plays so it is one less burden McCoy has to worry about.

Chargers fans should be excited about Reich’s promotion. His promotion means consistency for Philip Rivers and the rest of the offense. The Chargers had a great year offensively in 2013 and they can only build off of that. San Diego may look to go back to a deep passing game with Reich as coordinator. Philip Rivers should get at least one of his deep threat WRs back this year in Malcom Floyd or Danario Alexander. After a year of learning to be responsible with the ball and not throw as many interceptions or fumble nearly as often, Rivers may be primed to let it all loose in 2014.


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