Ryan Mathews May Be Huge Factor Verse Broncos


Ryan Mathews has played a big role in the Chargers late season surge.

Mathews has been nursing an ankle injury during that same time period. Last week he managed 52 yards for a respectable 4 yards per carry before leaving the game early in the third quarter. He has not practiced all week. Ryan has been on the “Eddie Royal-Routine” where he has not been practicing during the week all but one day and eventually suiting up and contributing on Sunday. The last time the Chargers faced the Broncos, Ryan was fresh off the injury. He ran 29 times for 127 yards and a touchdown that game.

Some reporters have mentioned that Ryan Mathews being injured may be a decoy. Based on what we have seen over the last few weeks, Mathews should be playing against the Broncos for the Divisional Round of the Playoffs.

Whether Mathews is a decoy or not, he and the run game will be a huge factor against the Broncos. The Chargers need to run the ball consistently to take time off the clock and keep the ball out of Manning’s hands. We all know that though, right?

Mathews has had an outstanding breakout season and he will be a big factor against the Broncos.






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