#21 San Diego State’s Defense Steps Up Big Against the #16 Kansas Jayhawks


This may be San Diego State Basketball’s biggest win in program history. Kansas is among the most prestigious basketball programs in the country, in the same realm as Duke, Kentucky, and North Carolina. Kansas has what some consider the #1 Pick in the NBA Draft in Andrew Wiggins. But we all know that.

San Diego State’s big men came up huge in this game. The combination of Josh Davis, Skylar Spencer, and J.J. O’Brien scored a combined 30 points with 32 rebounds. Even more impressive they were able to obtain 16 offensive boards. SDSU’s big men dominated the glass and played outstanding defense. Skylar Spencer had a career high 6 blocks. He is creeping up in the top 35 in the country for blocks per game.

Xavier Thames was his loyal self with 16 points, including 4 clutch free throws to seal the game.   Winston Sheppard added 9 points. 

The real key to this game was the defense. Steve Fisher has put together phenomenal defenses with varied players over his tenure as SDSU’s coach. With a whole roster of lengthy athletic players, Fisher has been able to maximize this 2013 team’s defensive potential. The Aztecs rank 1 in opponent FG% in the entire country. They also are 1 in opponent points per game. That is a crazy stat, but one you have to respect. 

In the first half alone Kansas field goal percentage was a pathetic 20.9%. Thats not a fluke. SDSU was playing persistent D and shut down the Jayhawks. They finished sub-30% from the field to finish the game. 

As I said before, this is a huge win for San Diego and they need to continue this momentum. After beating Boise state (in a scarily-close late game), there does not seem to be anyone threatening on the Aztecs schedule for the next possibly-8 games.


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