Playoffs?! Chargers Sneak In

Once upon a time the Chargers were 4-6 coming off three straight losses in winnable games, and their playoff hopes dangling in the air. 

A shootout win in Kansas City, where no one had won all year, changed the vibe and tone. Similar to games vs the Eagles, Cowboys, and Colts, the Chargers won a game tin which they were underdogs, and played very well. The way the Chargers played in this game made fans think we had something. It also made many think how did we lose extremely close games to the Texans, Titans, Redskins, Dolphins, and even the Broncos. 

After losing to the Bengals in week 13, San Diego dropped to 5-7 and looked like their playoff hopes were about done for. 

Then Eli Manning came. San Diego fans had not forgotten what happened in 2004 and came to Qualcomm to show some pride. The Chargers won in convincing fashion with the help of a rocking stadium. For the remainder of homegames left, San Diego head coach Mike McCoy called upon the fans of San Diego to show up to our last few games. 

The fact that a dominant win in Denver verse the number one Peyton Manning led Broncos was sandwiched between the next home game, fans came out.

Although it was not a pretty win in week 16 or 17, the fact is the Chargers won. They came down the stretch and won 5 of their last 6 games.

Looking forward, the Chargers play in Cincinnati in a winnable game. They will have to bring what they learned in week 13 and limit redzone turnovers. The Defensive line will need to play better to stop the run and give Rivers and the offense more possessions. 


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