Chargers Barely Beat Chiefs’ Backups.. Help From Refs?

Succop missed fieldgoal

Say what you want about the 2013 San Diego Chargers.

Some may say the Chargers do not deserve to be in the playoffs because the refs helped them out. It is easy to see how one would think that. It is also easy to see how one would write-off the Chargers because they could barely beat a bunch of 2nd stringers.

The Chiefs sat 20 of 22 players. Would the Chiefs have dominated with their first stringers? Well let us remember that San Diego went into Kansas City and beat those first stringers putting up 41 points on one of the best defenses in the entire NFL.

San Diego had zero game tape of these second stringers. They were probably also scoreboard watching as everything fell into place for them to make the run into the playoffs.

The key to San Diego being a ‘worthy’ team, as far as beating backups goes, is that they adjusted at halftime. Kansas City scored 21 points in the first half and only 3 in the entire second half. San Diego scored the last 13 points of the game. Say what you want, but they came back and won that game. Looking rusty at first, adjustments to what they saw improved the defense in the second half.

It would be easy to argue that most teams would play poor against a bunch of players they have absolutely no idea how to prepare for.

Now I am not defending the Chargers entirely. Give credit to Kansas City. Chargers should have been playing with more urgency in the beginning. In a post game interview, even Keenan Allen admitted to ‘not being prepared’ to play the backups and ‘taking them lightly.’ That is not something you necessarily want to hear, but it is probably the truth.

7 on one side of the ball
7 on one side of the ball

Now, as far as the end of the game penalty, people can say what they want.

The penalty was created at the beginning of this year and refs are not used to calling it. The fact is, Ryan Succop and the Chiefs missed the field goal. They MISSED IT. If they had made it no one would even be talking about the 7 guys on one side thing.

I looked at a bunch of game tape, from multiple games, after this penalty feud came alive. A majority of teams line up 7 on one side of the center on field goals. Seriously look it up yourself. And looking at this specific play, the Chargers only really had 6 on one side of the field; the Chiefs lined up from the far hash mark.

Also, something I wanted to mention. I do not think any fan in San Diego has an ounce of remorse for the Steelers fans or anyone else saying we do not deserve to be in the post season. The Chargers have long been at the back end of penalty calls like this.

Might I remind you all back to week 1. San Diego was flagged on a Texans field goal in the 4th quarter that gave them a first down in which they scored a Touchdown on the very next play. San Diego went on to lose the game by 3 points on a field goal with time expiring. Gave them 4 points and we lost by 3. What does that tell you?

The very next day the NFL admitted that the Chargers player was wrongly penalized. THE NFL ADMITTED IT JUST AS THEY ADMITTED THE WEEK 17 MISTAKE. Here is the link:

Please look it up.

My point is, what goes around comes around. And even deeper what my point is, the season is over and those that are in the playoffs are in, and those that are out — are out. It is the way the NFL goes. Plays are going to go your way sometimes, and other times they are not. It balances out over time (San Diego is still due some in my opinion) and you cannot complain.

The Steelers are 8-8. Do you really think you deserve to make the playoffs?


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