NFL Week 17 Picks

Last week 11-5. 30-17 over last 3 weeks (since SD Insider Started).

Week 17 and we are getting ready for the Playoffs. Some teams are already in and are sitting players, others are still trying to determine their playoffs seeding. Some teams are in need of a win to seal their playoff chances, and yet even more are banking on multiple teams to lose and a win for themselves.

Panthers vs Falcons – Panthers

Ravens vs Bengals – Bengals are at home and still are capable of getting the 2 seed and a bye with a win and New England loss. Compounding that with the fact that this is a division game, I feel that the Bengals are ready to set the tone for their playoff run. Ravens had a long season last year winning the Super Bowl, and seem burnt out. I feel that they are going to finish the season today.

Ravens 17 Bengals 28

Texans vs Titans – Titans

Browns vs Steelers – Steelers are one of the teams that still have their playoff hopes alive, yet at a slim margin. Steelers need a win, plus a loss by the Ravens, Dolphins, and Chargers to advance to the playoffs with the AFC 6th seed. I fully expect the Steelers to come alive vs a division rival in the Browns. 

Brown 13 Steelers 27

Jaguars vs Colts – Colts -11.5

Jets vs Dolphins – The Dolphins absolutely need this win to stay alive for the playoffs. If both the Dolphins and Ravens win (and the Chargers lose) the Dolphins will not make the playoffs due to a regular season head-to-head loss vs the Ravens. The Dolphins are guaranteed to make the playoffs with a win and a Ravens loss as they have a tie breaker vs the Chargers with a better conference record. If all 3 of these teams win, the Dolphins will also take the 6th seed because the tie breaker drops to AFC Conference record with a 3-way tie. The Dolphins own conference record over all teams. Still with that said, I see the Jets coming to play hard for Rex Ryan. It is a divison matchup and I feel it will be a close game. The Dolphins looked like garbarge last week as they went scoreless vs the 6-9 Bills. Jets don’t have that bad off a defense either.

Jets 21 Dolphins 17

Lions vs Vikings – Lions

Redskins vs Giants – Giants

Packers vs Bears – This is a huge game with direct playoff implications. This is one of two games this week that will flat out decide who wins the division. That tie the Matt Flynn and the then Rodgers-less Packers got may be a blessing in disguise. Aaron Rodgers is now back officially after being out for 8 weeks. I think Chicago is overwhelmed with their quarterback situation and has had a long season. The Chicago defense has been awful this season when considering the franchise’s history at the unit. Their run defense has been near last in the league. Aaron Rodgers has been seemingly ready to play for the past couple weeks and I think he will have a big game.

Packers 31 Bears 20

Chiefs vs Chargers – Chiefs are already locked into the 5th seed with the first Wild Card spot in the AFC. They are more than likely sitting some starters for a majority of the game. Even with that, the Kansas City defense has been sub-par since San Diego put up 41 on the defense back in week 12. In contrast, the Chargers defense has actually got better since they played the Chiefs last. They have only given up 16 pts a game in their last 4 and are creating more turnovers. They have 8 turnovers in their last 4 after having only 9 in their first 11. We already know about the Chargers offense. I think this will be a solid end of the season win for the San Diego Chargers, with their playoff chances alive or not.

Chiefs 17 Chargers 34

Broncos vs Raiders – Yesterday I saw an odds sheet that had Raiders favored my 13 points. I do not know if that was fake or not. The Broncos still have something to play for so I am not sure if they will sit their starters as this spread suggests. If the Broncos were to lose and the Patriots were to win, both teams would be 12-4 and New England would have the tie breaker with a head-to-head win. Broncos will shut the Raiders down.

Broncos 34 Raiders 16

Bills vs Patriots – Patriots

Buccaneers vs Saints – Saints

49ers vs Cardinals – This is actually a huge games as both teams are vying for a playoff spot. The Cardinals are a team that could potentially go 11-5 and still miss the playoffs due to tiebreaker situations. Bruce Arians has done an excellent job with the Cardinals in his first season. I think the Cardinals will keep it close at home, but San Francisco has too much all around fire power. The 49ers have also been pretty dominant in the recent series of the two teams.

49ers 34 Cardinals 31

Rams vs Seahawks – Seahawks

Eagles vs Cowboys – This is another take-all game for the division. The Eagles sit at 9-6 and the Cowboys at 8-7 with the tiebreaker if  they won. Tony Romo is injured for the rest of the season and will not play in the playoffs if the Cowboys were to make it. I cannot see the Cowboys players stepping up in Romo’s absence and raising their energy. Eagles have been playing well especially in the second half of the season. I think Chip Kelly has done an excellent job with the team as a whole as well as developing new star QB Nick Foles. LeSean McCoy has been an absolute beast this year and I think will be too much to handle for a week Dallas Defense.

Eagles 27 Cowboys 20


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