Raiders vs Chargers


The San Diego public relations department is calling on all Chargers fans for support this weekend. I do not blame them. 

Another possible blackout looms as the Chargers play the Raiders at home in week 16. There are only 3,000 tickets left and should sell out as a ton of So Cal Raiders fans will probably show up. The San Diego public relations department has a point though. After the Charger’s last huge win in Kansas City, the Chargers could not sell out their home game verse the Bengals and went on to lose in a poor offensive and defensive performance. I was personally at that game and I will say it was disappointing how few people were in the actual stadium. 

San Diego fans showed great support against Eli Manning and the Giants, and that is what needs to continue for this fan base. That game proved the loyalty of Chargers fans and how much passion this fan base really has, there have been just too many down years and tough losses so it has been hard to take. San Diego fans need to come out big and do their part against the Raiders and moving forward. WIth the success of this new regime in Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy will come better stadium atmosphere.

The fact is the Chargers may know their fate by the time kickoff takes place at 1:25 on Sunday. The Dolphins play an early game at 10 am Pacific Standard Time and should finish off before the Chargers get going in San Diego. A win will give the Dolphins 9 wins and with a tie breaker will officially eliminate the Chargers from the playoffs. 

The way they will play after they know their fate my show the true character of this team in any situation. The Chargers are a much better team than the Raiders and should come out with a win at home regardless of how tough the Raiders play them. The worst thing that could happen is if the Dolphins win and the Chargers blow this game at home. That will not happen though.

The Raiders are a mess of a team right now and the Chargers are firing on all cylinders right now. San Diego will outmatch the Raiders at home and should keep rolling verse the Chiefs in Week 17. The Chargers should finish the season out strong and end with a winning record (9-7) in order to keep building momentum going into next season. They have grown tremendously getting better as the season has gone on. With the additions and returns of some key players next year they will be in playoff contention.

They just have to keep rolling.


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