Dolphins Win, Ravens Win, Chargers Playoff Chances Lose


After the big win on Thursday Night Football, Chargers fans were starting to think playoffs. Now that Week 15 has finished out, Chargers fans might be thinking about next season.

Although their playoffs chances are still technically alive, it is even more of a longshot with Miami and Baltimore winning Sunday and Monday.

Miami was in a tight game with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots down at Sun Life Stadium. It looked like a typical game for the 2013 New England Patriots as they were ready to take another close one. They were in control most of the game, but never really pulled away as the Dolphins would not keep fighting. In the second half the Dolphins pulled ahead, only to go down then back up again.

With the Patriots down by 4 with less than 2 minutes left in the game and the ball, it looked like Tom Brady was ready for another one of his classic 4th quarter comebacks.

He drove all the way down the field near the redzone. It appeared as if Danny Amendola had caught the game winning touchdown catch until Michael Thomas knocked it out of his hands. Just a couple of plays later, Thomas secured the game winning interception in the endzone off Tom Brady. Thomas had just been signed off of the 49ers’ practice squad 5 days earlier and came to make the play. He has also been named AFC Defensive Player of the Week.

Danny Amendola looks as if he obtained the game winning touchdown catch before Michael Thomas rips it out of his hands in the air
Danny Amendola looks as if he obtained the game winning touchdown catch before Michael Thomas rips it out of his hands in the air

Not the luck the Chargers were hoping for.

The bad luck continued going into Monday as the Ravens played the Lions in Detroit.

It was a close game as the Lion’s Defense play pretty solid not giving up a single touchdown. The Raven’s defense also played well which was part of the problem. Matt Stafford and the offense had only scored 10 points in the game up until about 2:30 in the 4th quarter to play when they scored their go ahead touchdown. At that moment the score was 16-15, as the Ravens kicked 5 field goals.

Justin Tucker kicks 61-yard game winning field goal
Justin Tucker kicks 61-yard game winning field goal

The Lions went for 2 following the touchdown. It was a call that definitely had to be made. Knowing you had not given up a touchdown all game, you knew the Ravens were probably going to try and drive to kick a game winning field goal with about 2 minutes left to go in the game. The Lions ended up not converting on the 2-pt conversion and wrote their own destiny.

Justin Tucker's 61-yd field goal barely makes it through
Justin Tucker’s 61-yd field goal barely makes it through

The Ravens went on to drive only barely to mid field. Justin Tucker went on to kick a 61 yard field goal with nearly no time left on the clock to seal the victory. It was his sixth FG on the night as he scored all of the Raven’s points.

Just the Chargers’ luck.

That is two weeks in a row now where San Diego needed losses from these two teams, and narrowly missed out on good fortune. Last week the Dolphins appeared to have lost as Antonio Brown ran back a kick off on a miracle play only to have stepped out of bounds [with no time left] giving the victory to the Dolphins. Same week, Ravens beat the Vikings on a touchdown pass to Marlon Brown with 4 seconds left. There were touchdowns scored in the final 5 minutes of that game and took a lot of steam for that Ravens team to win that game.

It has to make you think that this probably just isn’t the Chargers’ year. With the Ravens and Dolphins both at 8-6 and with tiebreakers, the Chargers are now realistically a game and a half back at 7-7. They beat a lot of good teams this year and played pretty well at times. Other times they played inconsistent and lost to bad teams in close games at the end. They couldn’t finish early on, but have seemed to caught onto a rhythm late in the year.  Look for good things to come in 2014.


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