Chargers @ Broncos Analysis

Chargers vs. Broncos TNF
Chargers vs. Broncos TNF

Chargers travel to Denver Week 15 for Thursday Night Football.

San Diego is set for a tough matchup verse the best offense in the league. The weather conditions will not be favorable and the fans will be rowdy as the Broncos battle for the number one seed in the AFC.

Many are giving San Diego no faith and some are saying the home team always wins on TNF due to the difficult turnaround. After reviewing the stats, the home team on TNF in 2013 is actually only 6-6.

Denver will be without receiver Wes Welker who left last game verse the Titans with a concussion. If the Chargers can shut down Demaryius Thomas with a double-team, I think they can sustain Decker and TE Thomas enough to give Philip and the offense a chance.

The offense has been rolling all season, but has struggled at times in the Redzone. The Denver defense is getting healthier, but is definitely still leaky in the defensive backfield. It looks as if Rivers will have to play a big role in this game for the Chargers to succeed.

They need to get the running game going to keep Manning off the field. McCoy will probably try to run Mathews a majority of the first half. The Chargers need to adjust if Peyton can overcome the time of possession by getting quick scores as he did in the last game. If so, they need to start taking chances with Rivers. In order to keep pace, McCoy might just have to let Rivers sling it all over the field. The key will be being committed to run the ball and staying balanced.

For the Chargers this is a must win if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive. Still a long-shot, the Chargers are dependent on losses to Miami and Baltimore. If the Chargers and Dolphins both end the season with the same record ahead of the Ravens, than Chargers will lose to a head-to-head tiebreaker. If the Ravens have the same record, than the tiebreaker will be via AFC Conference record which may give San Diego a better shot.

If Philip and company can manage a win, they will keep their playoff chances alive. A loss means we will all be thinking about next season and the changes we will make in the offseason.


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