NFL Week 14 Predictions

This is my first public prediction post of many to come. I have generally been pretty good.

Here we go:

Houston @ Jacksonville

Jadeveon Clowney beasting...
Jadeveon Clowney beasting…Teddy Bridgewater possible 1st overall pick in 2014 NFL Draft
Teddy Bridgewater possible 1st overall pick in 2014 NFL Draft

Although some may think of this as the race for the number 1 pick, the NFL is about pride. I think Houston’s Defense has a lot of pride and shuts the lowly Jaguars down.

Houston 20 Jacksonville 10

Indianapolis @ Cincinnati

From a fantasy persepctive, I don’t think this will be a good game for Andrew luck. The Bengals can feel the heat of the Ravens coming for the AFC North, and I think this game will rely on the play of Andy Dalton. This game should have Playoff atmosphere, but I feel the Bengals will let one slip after getting a big win in San Diego last week.

Indianapolis 23 Cincinnati 20

Detroit @ Philly

I just do not think Kevin Foles streak can continue. The Lions have a stout defense and coming off that momentum building win against the Packers I can see them going into Philly and coming out with a W.

Detroit 34 Philly 27

New York Giants @ San Diego Chargers

Eli Manning selected 1st overall by San Diego Chargers in 2004
Eli Manning selected 1st overall by San Diego Chargers in 2004

Eli Manning is back for the second time since giving the middle finger to San Diego in 2004 and I think Rivers still wants to prove he is the man. Giants D is much weaker this year than past years and the Giants offense is inconsistent. I think Rivers and the gang get a bounce back win after losing to the Bengals and giving up a great opportunity in the Playoff race. Chargers get a win and continue to give false hope to their fans.

Giants 24 Chargers 31

Seattle @ SF

Kaepernick vs Wilson
Kaepernick vs Wilson

Even though Seattle is red hot right now, and has won 2 straight verse the Niners, SF finally gets Russell Wilson and company at home. This is going to be a hard fought NFC-West Rivalry game. I believe Colin Kaepernick will start getting hot and make a play for his team. Although the Seahawks only have one loss, they do not play as well on the road. I will take SF in a nail biter at home.

Seattle 20 San Francisco 21

Carolina @ New Orleans

Drew Brees making plays
Drew Brees making plays

I just do not picture Drew Brees losing at home after getting embarrassed up in Seattle. The Panthers are good and coming into New Orleans hot, but I believe the Saints show Carolina who the real class of the NFC is.  The game may be close in the end, but I just don’t think the Panthers D can stop Brees and the Saints at home.

Carolina 24 New Orleans 38

Dallas @ Chicago

And to the Monday night game. Even with Josh McCown playing well, I just do not see them winning this game even at home. Their defense has not been playing up to “Bears Standards” by any means and Dallas finally seems like they are getting into a rhythm. I say Dallas wins it and continues to extend their lead in the NFC East.

Dallas 27 Chicago 16

Other games…

Min @ Bal – Baltimore, ATL @ GB – Falcons, Cle @ NE – Patriots, OAK @ NJ – Jets, Mia @ Pit – Steelers, Buf @ TB – Buccaneers, Ten @ Den – Broncos, Stl @ Ari – Cardinals


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